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Egg Donor Compensation

You will receive egg donor compensation for your time and effort during the process

Millions of women and men around the country face infertility, and many of them need a little help from egg donation to have a baby. When you become an egg donor at Midwest Fertility Specialists (MFS), you will receive egg donor compensation. Additionally, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone become a parent.

Understanding compensation for egg donation

When you become an egg donor, our Indiana egg donation center strives to offer compensation that recognizes your time, commitment and dedication. After all, your generosity will make parenthood possible for an individual or a couple.

We follow guidelines from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) regarding compensation and the number of times a woman can donate her eggs. The following list reviews the basics of egg donor compensation.

  • You will receive standard compensation throughout the egg donation process. This is true regardless of whether the patients who receive your eggs end up conceiving with them.
  • Per ASRM requirements, you may only donate six times.

With this money, you can pursue goals and dreams, such as travel, higher education, home ownership and financial stability.

Money isn’t the only benefit of egg donation

Beyond egg donor compensation, there are many rewards for generous egg donors. Our Indiana egg donation experts have found that donors appreciate the following benefits.

  • Complimentary health screening. You will undergo a comprehensive health screening as a potential egg donor. This screening will provide valuable information about your physical health and wellness.
  • Free fertility information. The egg donor screening also examines your reproductive health. You’ll learn more about where you are on your reproductive timeline, at no charge to you. This insight can help you make decisions about future family planning.
  • A sense of pride and satisfaction. For the rest of your life, you’ll know that you helped make the dream of parenthood possible for someone else. Our egg donors take great pride in this knowledge.

If you’d like to start reaping these benefits as an egg donor, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our caring team can answer all your egg donor questions to help you decide if this path is right for you.