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What to Expect From IVF

What to expect from IVF

At Midwest Fertility, our pregnancy and delivery rates are among the best in the country. Unfortunately, there are many reasons IVF procedures may be unsuccessful. Reasons may include:

  • Poor stimulation
  • Low egg yield at time of retrieval
  • Low fertilization
  • Poor egg or embryo quality
  • Genetically abnormal embryos

The attempt may be cancelled prior to egg retrieval if an adequate ovarian response is not achieved, including:

  • Not all follicles contain an egg
  • Not all eggs will fertilize
  • Not all embryos will develop normally

We try very hard to minimize a couple’s risk of higher-order multiple pregnancies while maximizing their chances of achieving a pregnancy. For most couples under age 38, we will transfer one to two embryos, depending on their stage of development.

Every case of infertility is different. For IVF cost information, please contact us to schedule a consultation at our Carmel or Fort Wayne location. We will discuss your individual circumstances and determine a best course of action. For an overview of financing options, visit our Financing page.

Every year, IVF helps many patients achieve their dream of a family. Learn more about the IVF options Midwest Fertility Specialists provides.