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When to Freeze Eggs

We help patients determine when to freeze eggs

The doctors at our Indianapolis fertility center help people understand when to freeze eggs. Timing is important with this type of fertility preservation, as the quality and quantity of a person’s eggs decreases with time. This is an especially significant consideration for people who would like to build a family someday but aren’t yet ready to begin.

Understanding when to freeze eggs

Age and fertility are the two primary factors that help determine whether a person should freeze their eggs. Our Indianapolis fertility center team supports people in assessing these factors and deciding when to freeze eggs.

Age. People with ovaries are born with all the eggs they’ll ever have, and the quality and quantity of these eggs decreases over time. Because of this, those wanting to freeze eggs should ideally begin the process before age 34, and no later than age 37.Typically, younger eggs are healthier and can handle the flash freezing and eventual thawing process better than older eggs.

Fertility tests. One of the best ways to determine when to freeze eggs is fertility testing. Doctors at our clinic can utilize an ultrasound to determine how many egg-containing follicles a person has in their ovaries. The doctor can also order a blood test to assess certain hormones that provide information about the quality of the person’s eggs.

The combination of a person’s age and the results from their testing can help them decide when they should begin the process of freezing eggs.

Other egg freezing considerations

In addition to age and test results, there are additional circumstances that can help inform whether a person should consider freezing eggs.

Cancer. People needing cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation could benefit from freezing eggs, as these treatments can harm a person’s fertility.

A family history of premature ovarian failure. A person with this family history is a good candidate for egg freezing.

Insurance coverage. If a person works for a company that covers some or all of the cost of egg freezing, they should consider this option if they want or need to postpone parenthood.

The team at our Indianapolis fertility center is here to help people determine whether they’re good candidates for freezing eggs and take the next step on this exciting fertility preservation journey. Contact us for more information about freezing eggs.

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