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Fertility Treatments

Find basic and advanced fertility treatments to make pregnancy possible

With leading-edge fertility treatments, the dream of growing your family doesn’t have to end after an infertility diagnosis. Midwest Fertility Specialists (MFS) provides affordable infertility treatments to overcome female and male infertility. Our Indiana fertility specialists will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan that’s tailored to your budget, timeline and family-building goals.

Find a wealth of fertility treatments for women and men

The Indiana fertility specialists at our clinic can help you find a treatment that will allow you to welcome a healthy baby. For basic options, you can explore fertility medications to help ensure you ovulate regularly. Our team also offers intrauterine insemination (IUI), which involves inserting washed and prepared sperm into your uterus using a catheter (a thin, flexible tube).

Because you may need more advanced infertility treatments, our team offers in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF is a complex and highly effective procedure. You begin by taking fertility medications to encourage multiple eggs to develop before undergoing an egg retrieval procedure. Our embryologists fertilize your eggs in the IVF laboratory using sperm from your partner or your chosen donor. The final step is transferring one of the resulting embryos to your uterus.

Third party reproduction is another state-of-the-art option. Proven third party options include gestational surrogacy, and donor eggs, sperm and embryos. These exciting fertility treatments can make pregnancy possible for women and men who may not be able to experience it otherwise.

If you want to be proactive about your reproductive future, fertility preservation is a great choice. Using the latest techniques, our team can help you freeze eggs, sperm and embryos for future pregnancy attempts.

Diagnostic testing allows our team to create customized infertility treatments

Because each patient is unique, we perform diagnostic testing before recommending fertility treatments for you. By determining what’s causing the fertility issues, your doctor can create a customized plan that’s designed to remove any barriers keeping you from conceiving.

Additionally, our Indiana fertility specialists believe that you know your body and your goals best. Your doctor will explain your test results, the treatment options available to you, and the costs and benefits of each. Then, together with your doctor, you will decide what path you would like to take to parenthood.

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