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Fertility Check

Starting your fertility journey? Talk to our fertility experts about a fertility check.

When it’s time to start your family, Midwest Fertility Specialists understands you may have many questions about your fertility and your chances of getting pregnant. Our team has made it easy to get answers with our convenient fertility check. Our fertility check offers couples or individuals basic fertility tests for just $125.

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Female fertility testing

AMH testing 

The fertility check involves one of the most common female fertility tests: the AMH test. This blood test measures your level of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH), and it provides information about your current ovarian reserve, or egg supply. A lower value indicates a low or diminished ovarian reserve.

Patient instructions

Because your AMH levels remain consistent throughout your cycle, you can have this test at any time of the month. If you would like to move forward with the fertility check, please call the Midwest Fertility offices at 317.571.1637 Monday through Sunday. We have appointment times Monday through Friday.

Male testing

Semen analysis

The fertility check is comprised of one male test: a semen analysis. The analysis measures key indicators for sperm health, including number of sperm, shape of the sperm and sperm motility (or the movement and speed of the sperm).

Patient instructions

The semen analysis must be scheduled ahead of time and should be scheduled at the same time as the female tests (if you are testing with your partner). If you would like to move forward with the fertility check, please contact our Carmel or Fort Wayne offices to schedule your semen analysis. You will collect the specimen on site in one of our private rooms. We ask that men abstain from ejaculating for two to five days prior to the scheduled semen analysis.

Results and next steps

Your fertility check results are generally available four business days after the date of collection. Once a doctor reviews your tests, our office will contact you regarding the best next steps or recommended follow up.

Your results are not 100% predictive of your reproductive potential, but they help us to start a conversation about your current status and potential options moving forward. Contact our fertility experts today and turn waiting into a family.

Fertility Testing in Indy

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