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IVF Second Opinion

Learn more about receiving an IVF second opinion on your path to parenthood 

Patients often consult the Indianapolis fertility specialists at our clinic for an IVF second opinion. Receiving this second opinion after an unsuccessful IVF, or in vitro fertilization, cycle can help patients discover whether they have the correct infertility diagnosis. It can also help them see whether there is a different IVF protocol that would provide a higher chance of success. Many times, a second opinion is a crucial next step on the journey to take home a healthy baby.

How to know if it’s time to get an IVF second opinion

There are various situations that could make a second opinion after IVF failure a good choice for patients. Many times, these circumstances lead a patient to realize that their current clinic isn’t the best fit for their needs.

Numerous IVF failures. Patients who have had numerous failed IVF cycles with the same clinic should consider seeking a second opinion. Different fertility clinics can vary in their IVF protocol. This means that receiving treatment at a new clinic could lead to fertility care that results in a healthy pregnancy.

Desire to try a treatment the current clinic doesn’t offer. Sometimes patients have an interest in a leading-edge medication or treatment that their current clinic doesn’t offer. When this happens, it could be beneficial to explore clinics that do offer these services.

Wanting more advanced lab services. As some labs use outdated technology, it can be beneficial to research clinics that utilize the services of an innovative lab with expert staff.

Lack of a positive relationship with the doctor. If a patient doesn’t feel comfortable with their current doctor, getting a second opinion could lead to a connection with a doctor they do have a good rapport with.

Our Indianapolis fertility specialists frequently support patients seeking an IVF second opinion. They help patients confirm they have the right infertility diagnosis. Then, they work with them to create a treatment plan that can help them fulfill their dream of parenthood.

What can you expect from a second opinion at our clinic?

When our Indianapolis fertility specialists provide a patient with a second opinion, they first review their medical history. In many cases, they then recommend fertility evaluations that ccan help determine whether the patient has the right infertility diagnosis. Next, the specialist works with the patient to create a treatment plan for their individualized needs.

Our clinic is an exceptional choice for patients seeking an IVF second opinion, as we have expert doctors and embryologists, utilize leading-edge fertility care and have an exemplary lab. Contact us for more information about a second opinion after IVF failure.