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Male Infertility

Male infertility is more common than most people realize

It may come as a surprise to learn that millions of couples face fertility issues, and male infertility plays a role in about 40% of these cases. Midwest Fertility Specialists (MFS) understands that it can be surprising to learn that you’re facing male fertility issues. However, our Indiana fertility clinic offers highly effective treatments that can help overcome many barriers to conception for both men and women.

A look at the causes of male fertility issues

Just as with female infertility, there are many causes of male factor infertility. Sperm issues are among the most common. These problems can range from a low sperm count, to abnormal shape or movement. Some other common causes of male fertility issues can include the following.

  • Anatomical issues in men can make conception more difficult. Some of these causes of male infertility include varicoceles, obstructions and erectile dysfunction.
  • Hormonal imbalances, including low testosterone, can interfere with sperm production and sexual urges.

For some men, lifestyle factors could be responsible for fertility issues. For example, smoking cigarettes, using performance enhancing drugs and facing excessive stress can cause barriers to conception.

The first step of the process is diagnosing male infertility

You want to welcome a healthy baby, so our team will strive to identify any obstacles to a successful pregnancy. Your doctor will begin by diagnosing any male fertility issues. At your first appointment with our Indiana fertility clinic, you will provide a medical history and discuss your lifestyle. This insight can provide clues that can unlock the mysteries of male infertility.

Your doctor will also order a semen analysis, a simple test that provides invaluable information about your sperm. Andrologists will assess your sample for sperm count (the number of sperm per volume of semen), morphology (shape) and motility (movement). You may also undergo bloodwork to learn more about your hormone levels.

In some cases, your doctor will refer you to a local urologist after reviewing your test results. This physician specializes in treating issues in the male reproductive tract. As a result, he or she can diagnose and treat problems, including erectile dysfunction, hormonal issues, obstructions and varicoceles.

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Our team offers many treatments for male fertility issues

The results of your diagnostic testing will help your doctor determine the best fertility treatment plan for you. Each man is different, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive an individualized treatment plan for male infertility. It may include one or more of the following treatments.

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) involves using a catheter (a thin, flexible tube) to insert washed and prepared sperm into your partner’s uterus.
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a more advanced option that requires your partner to take medications to encourage the development of multiple eggs. She will then undergo an outpatient egg retrieval procedure before our embryologists fertilize the eggs. Your doctor will then transfer one of the resulting embryos to your partner’s uterus.
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) takes IVF to the next level. An embryologist injects a single healthy sperm into each egg to achieve fertilization.
  • Donor sperm may be part of the treatment plan for some male fertility issues. Our doctors can use donor sperm as part of IUI or IVF.

Your doctor will work with you to develop a treatment plan to meet your family-building goals. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our Indiana fertility clinic to get started on the path to fatherhood.