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Male Infertility Tests

The path to parenthood often begins with male infertility tests

At Midwest Fertility Specialists (MFS), one of the first steps to help patients become parents involves female and male infertility tests. After taking a thorough medical and family history, our Indiana fertility doctors will recommend tests, including a semen analysis. Between the test results and the information found in the patient’s history, our team can help devise the most effective treatment plan for each person.

The medical and family history comes first

At the first appointment, your doctor will want to learn more about your medical history and lifestyle. While discussing your current medical conditions and your family medical history, you’ll also provide information about your past surgeries, procedures and illnesses. In addition, your doctor will also want to know more about your lifestyle. Some of the questions may include the following inquiries.

  • What medications are you taking? Certain medications and performance enhancing drugs can affect both sexual function and sperm production.
  • Do you smoke cigarettes? Cigarettes have an adverse effect on sperm health.
  • How much alcohol do you consume? Excessive alcohol consumption can have a negative effect on testosterone and sperm production.

Together with your medical and family history, this information helps our Indiana fertility doctors see a clearer picture of what could be causing any male factor fertility issues.

The male infertility tests come next in the process

The first test you can expect to undergo is a simple semen analysis. To complete this test, you will need to provide a semen sample in a sterile cup. For the best results, our team recommends abstaining from sex and masturbation for at least 48 hours.

Once our laboratory team receives the specimen, our andrologists will assess it. These experts will be looking at multiple factors.

  • Sperm concentration, or sperm count, is the number of sperm per volume of semen.
  • Semen volume, or the amount of semen a man releases during ejaculation.
  • Sperm motility is the percentage of live and swimming sperm.
  • Sperm morphology is the percentage of sperm with a normal shape and size.

If your semen analysis is abnormal or shows a low sperm count, our Indiana fertility doctors may ask you to repeat it to verify these findings. If the subsequent tests reveal the same results, our team may recommend additional male infertility tests.

Bloodwork to diagnose male infertility

The most common blood tests evaluate follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH) and testosterone. If your hormone levels are abnormal, medications can often help the levels stabilize.

However, if your hormone levels are normal, these medications are less likely to be effective. If this is the case, your doctor will likely recommend intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF). Both treatments are highly effective and have helped countless men and women around the world welcome healthy babies.

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If you’re struggling to conceive, male infertility tests could lead to the answers (and treatment) you need. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about your fertility.