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Egg Donation Process for Parents

What is the egg donation process and how do I obtain anonymous donor eggs?

The egg donation process may seem overwhelming at first, but our staff walks you through each step. Whether you are seeking fresh donor eggs or frozen donor eggs, meeting and exceeding your expectations is our top priority. Below is a brief description of each step of the egg donation process for our recipients. Have additional questions? Want to learn more? Call one of our donor coordinators for a more detailed discussion.

1. Egg recipient consultation
Recipients meet with their physician to review the planned cycle. Because the process is complex, specific steps vary depending on the use of fresh donor eggs and frozen donor eggs. Your physician and donor coordinator will review the screening and testing requirements necessary before selecting a donor.

2. Egg recipient counseling
Couples considering conception through the use of donor eggs are required to meet with a fertility counselor at The Cabin Counseling & Resource Center in Zionsville, IN. Counselors at The Cabin are committed to providing psycho-social education and emotional support in an effort to minimize the stress of the process.

3. Egg recipient screening 
All screening requirements for the recipient and spouse/partner must be completed prior to matching with an anonymous donor.

4. Anonymous egg donor selection
Your donor coordinator will give you access to our online donor database to view our available donors after meeting with one of our physicians. Couples choose egg donors based on a wide range of criteria, including physical characteristics, ethnic background, personality traits and talents. Your choice is personal and entirely your own. All donors have been rigorously screened prior to being accepted into our donor egg program.

6. Egg Retrieval
The medical procedure is very similar to in vitro fertilization (IVF). Once your physician deems your egg donor’s follicles as mature, the donor will schedule egg retrieval. Your spouse, partner or semen donor will provide a semen sample on the day of the egg retrieval to allow insemination of the eggs.

7. Embryo transfer
Transfer of the embryo will occur between five and 15 days after the egg retrieval or thaw date, depending on your specific plan. The procedure involves transferring embryos through the recipient’s cervix and into the uterus through a small catheter.

8. Pregnancy testing
Ten days after the embryo transfer, you will come to the office and have blood drawn.

Have a question about receiving donor eggs? Check out these FAQs or contact us.