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Donor Egg IVF

Donor egg IVF is an effective treatment that can help a patient bring home a baby

Donor egg IVF is a treatment that allows many patients at our Indianapolis fertility center to overcome infertility. In addition to supporting those with a variety of fertility issues, this treatment is essential for single men or same-sex male couples utilizing the support of a gestational surrogate.

Our clinic makes this process as seamless as possible by connecting patients with high-quality egg donors who went through a comprehensive screening process. We are by the patient’s side from donor selection and the egg donation cycle to the egg retrieval and embryo transfer.

Discover who can benefit from donor egg IVF

In addition to those creating their family with a gestational surrogate, many patients require donor eggs to conceive. These patients often need donor eggs because of factors that make it unlikely that they’ll be able to use their own eggs to conceive a healthy baby.

The doctors at our Indianapolis fertility center help patients determine whether donor egg IVF is the best option for them. They will do so by taking a medical history and ordering tests that can provide valuable information about the quality and quantity of a patient’s eggs.

The next steps after choosing to move forward with donor eggs

After a patient decides to use donor eggs, we guide them through the process of finding their ideal egg donor. We then help to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly.

Accessing a database of premiere donors. The first step in IVF with donor eggs is finding the right donor. All the donors who patients see in our database have undergone comprehensive medical, genetic and psychological evaluations. We also interview all donors to ensure they fully understand the commitment of egg donation.

Searching for the right egg donor. As patients look through our egg donor database, they’ll be able to review donor profiles. These profiles include donor photos and information about their education, ethnicity, interests, personality and more.

Starting the egg donation cycle. Following donor selection, the egg donor specialists at our Indianapolis fertility center work with the patients and egg donor to create a schedule for the egg donation cycle. In addition, we walk the patients through how an embryologist will fertilize the eggs in a lab with sperm from the male patient.

The experienced team at our clinic works closely with patients to ensure donor egg IVF is as effective as possible. With our support, patients can take the next step on the path to parenthood. Contact us to learn more about building a family through egg donation.