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IVF Medications

IVF medications are an important part of the family-building journey

For those pursuing in vitro fertilization at our Indianapolis fertility center, IVF medications are necessary and incredibly helpful. These medications cause the growth of the eggs and prevent the eggs from releasing before they’re ready. They also help patients prepare for the eventual egg retrieval.

Our clinic makes the use of IVF injections as simple as possible. We do so by connecting patients with specialty pharmacies that offer the medications. Our team also provides in-depth instructions on how to prepare and administer the medications.

Learn more about the most common IVF medications

The IVF medications we prescribe at our Indianapolis fertility center have various purposes during the IVF cycle. Patients taking these injections receive regular monitoring, which includes bloodwork and ultrasounds. The goal is to confirm the medications are having the desired effect. This monitoring also allows the patient’s doctor to determine if they need to adjust the dosage.

There are several purposes IVF injections fulfill.

Triggering ovarian follicle stimulation and egg maturation. Patients typically self-administer follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) medications for 10 to 13 days during an IVF cycle. FSH causes the ovarian follicles that contain the eggs to grow. Common FSH medication brand names include Follistim and Gonal-F.

Menotropin is the medication patients take to stimulate egg production. This medication is a combination of FSH and luteinizing hormone (LH). Menopur is the most common brand name.

Preventing ovulation. At a certain point in the cycle, the patient begins a GnRH-antagonist medication. This medication prevents the ovaries from releasing the maturing eggs. Ganirelix and Cetrotide are common brand names.

Preparing eggs for retrieval. When the eggs reach an ideal size, the patient takes an hCG injection to prepare the eggs for retrieval. Common brand names are Ovidrel, Novarel or Pregnyl.

How to make fertility injections more comfortable

Many patients report IVF injections only feel like a mild pinch. Additionally, many techniques can make the administration of shots an even more comfortable experience.

Remember the needles are short and thin. Patients often experience relief when seeing how thin and small the needles for IVF medications are.

Choose a private space for administration. A private location for the preparation and administration of the shots can reduce stress and increase comfort.

Numb the injection site. Patients can numb the area by holding a piece of ice or an ice pack on the injection site for about a minute before.

Take deep breaths. Deep breathing makes it easier for patients to gather a portion of skin at the injection site. It also promotes calm and focus.

Gently press on the injection site. After the injection, the patient can gently press a gauze pad on the site of the injection.

In addition to these tips, the knowledgeable staff at our Indianapolis fertility center can answer any questions about fertility medications. With our support, many patients can build a healthy family through IVF. Contact us for more information.

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