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Egg Retrieval

Discover what to expect during an egg retrieval

The Indianapolis fertility doctors at Midwest Fertility Specialists support patients during egg retrieval. Many patients undergo this procedure during an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle. Our doctors also retrieve the eggs of donors and people who are freezing their eggs. This process is very safe and has a short recovery period.

Exploring the steps of an egg retrieval procedure

Before this procedure, our Indianapolis fertility doctors work with each patient to create a schedule for administering fertility medications. While the patient is taking these medications, the doctor monitors them with bloodwork and ultrasounds. When enough eggs are mature, the doctor schedules the egg retrieval, which involves the following steps.

Trigger shot. This shot, which is typically Lupron or hCG, triggers the final maturation of the eggs before the retrieval. The doctor retrieves the eggs about 35 hours after the shot.

Pre-surgery prep. The patient arrives at the clinic about an hour before the retrieval to complete the paperwork and prep for the fertility procedure. They should wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Anesthesia. Before the fertility procedure, an anesthesiologist administers IV sedation. This sedation keeps the patient relaxed and comfortable.

Retrieval. When retrieving the eggs, the doctor uses ultrasound guidance to locate the mature ovarian follicles. They then use a small, hollow needle to extract each egg. This process doesn’t require any incisions.

The retrieval typically takes 10 to 15 minutes. Our team closely monitors the patient throughout the procedure to ensure their comfort and safety.

A simple recovery after the retrieval

After the doctor retrieves the eggs, they send them to the lab for fertilization or freezing. A nurse then transfers the patient to a recovery area where they gently come out of sedation.

The patient remains in the recovery area for about 30 minutes, until the doctor confirms they are ready to go home. During this time, the doctor also tells the patient how many eggs they retrieved. The patient’s companion can then take them home.

We recommend the patient rest on the day of the fertility procedure, but typically clear them to return to work the following day. Mild bloating, soreness and light bleeding are common after an egg retrieval. An over-the-counter pain medication is typically enough to curb any discomfort.

While the patient can quickly resume many typical activities, we ask that they avoid strenuous activity until their period resumes, which usually occurs about two weeks after the retrieval.

Our experienced Indianapolis fertility doctors are by the patient’s side during every step of the retrieval to make sure it’s a positive, comfortable experience. Contact us for more information about our fertility services.