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Fertility Preservation

Learn how fertility preservation can help you fight back against the biological clock

Our Indianapolis fertility clinic supports many women and men by providing fertility preservation. People today face many different biological and lifestyle factors. As such, individuals wanting to eventually have children may need to use specialized support to preserve their fertility. These treatments consist of sperm, embryo and egg freezing.

Who should consider fertility preservation?

To help individuals determine whether preserving their fertility is right for them, we often recommend various fertility tests. The test results and a review of the individual’s medical history can reveal whether they need help from our Indianapolis fertility clinic.

Many factors can make someone a good candidate for fertility preservation.

Women in their 20s or early 30s. A woman’s fertility begins to decline in her mid-30s. As a result, a young woman wanting to postpone motherhood should consider freezing her eggs or embryos.

Women at risk for premature ovarian failure. If a woman has a family history of early menopause, which is the loss of ovarian function before the age of 40, treatments to preserve her fertility could be helpful.

Cancer patients. Cancer treatments can affect a woman’s ovarian reserve and a man’s sperm. As such, we typically recommend embryo, sperm or egg freezing before an individual begins treatment.

Women and men in the military. As a woman’s or a man’s reproductive system could experience damage in combat, some members of the military preserve their fertility.

Women or men with an interest in postponing parenthood can work with our clinic to determine which options are best for them.

The next steps for patients interested in preserving their fertility

When someone is ready to take the next steps towards fertility preservation, there are three primary options. The best choice will depend on the individual’s unique circumstances.

Egg freezing. This is the best choice for women who think they’d like to have children but are not yet ready to start a family. This process involves taking fertility medications and undergoing an outpatient egg retrieval procedure. An embryologist will then freeze the eggs.

Sperm freezing. Men wanting to preserve their fertility can provide a semen sample that an andrologist freezes and stores until the man is ready to have children.

Embryo freezing. If a couple knows they want to have children together but would like to delay conception, they can preserve their embryos for later use. This process involves a doctor retrieving the woman’s eggs and an embryologist fertilizing them with the man’s sperm. The embryologist then freezes and stores the resulting embryos.

Because of advances in cryopreservation methods, such as the flash freezing vitrification technique, these options for preserving fertility are incredibly safe and effective. The team at our Indianapolis fertility clinic is here to help women and men move forward with these exciting options that give the gift of time.

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