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Progesterone After Embryo Transfer

Taking progesterone after embryo transfer can improve the chance of conception

Our Indianapolis fertility doctors typically recommend patients take progesterone after embryo transfer. Doing so can increase the chance of embryo implantation. This progesterone support can facilitate the implantation of the embryo. The medication accomplishes this by causing the uterine lining to thicken. It also helps the body support early pregnancy.

The importance of progesterone after embryo transfer

Progesterone is a hormone the ovaries develop to regulate the menstrual cycle. It also prepares the uterine lining for embryo implantation. If an embryo does not implant, progesterone levels drop and the uterine lining sheds as a period.

When an embryo does implant, the ovaries produce additional progesterone during the first eight to 10 weeks of pregnancy. After this time, the placenta takes over the role of progesterone production.

During an IVF cycle, the ovaries do not produce as much progesterone as they would if the person was conceiving without fertility treatments. In the case of a frozen embryo transfer, the production of progesterone is typically even lower.

This lack of progesterone production can make it more difficult for the IVF embryo to implant in the uterine lining. As such, our Indianapolis fertility doctors recommend IVF patients take progesterone supplementation after the embryo transfer.

The options for progesterone support

Before starting progesterone after embryo transfer, one of our Indianapolis fertility doctors will explain the progesterone support options. The doctor will recommend be a certain delivery method depending on the patient’s needs.

  • Progesterone injections, such as Delestrogen®, in the buttocks
  • Progesterone in oil
  • Vaginal suppositories
  • Vaginal gel

After determining the type of progesterone, the doctor outlines instructions for dosage and administration.

Our clinic works closely with patients to determine the best IVF protocol for their needs. With our support, many IVF patients fulfill the dream of parenthood. Contact us to learn more about progesterone after embryo transfer.

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