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Natural IUI Cycle

A natural IUI cycle is an effective and affordable way for many patients to build a family

At our Indianapolis fertility clinic, doctors often recommend a natural IUI cycle for patients with a healthy ovarian reserve and no known ovulation issues. IUI, or intrauterine insemination, can be incredibly effective. It involves the doctor using a catheter to place sperm from the patient’s partner or sperm donor directly into the uterus. Doing so bypasses a variety of fertility issues.

Patients with certain fertility issues can be good candidates for a natural IUI cycle

To determine if a patient can benefit from an IUI with no fertility medications, our Indianapolis fertility clinic team often recommends a blood test and an ultrasound. If the patient’s partner has testes, the doctor will also order a semen analysis. These tests allow the doctor to assess the patient’s reproductive hormones, ovaries and uterus, in addition to the quality of the partner’s sperm.

The doctor might suggest a natural IUI cycle if these tests reveal certain fertility challenges.

  • Poor cervical mucus
  • Cervical scarring
  • An abnormally shaped cervix
  • Antisperm antibodies
  • An abnormal sperm count or low sperm motility (movement)
  • Unexplained infertility

Single patients with ovaries or patients with ovaries who are in a same-sex relationship can also pursue IUI with donor sperm.

What happens during an IUI cycle with no fertility medications

After a patient decides to move forward with a natural IUI cycle, our clinic supports them in navigating each step.

Monitoring ovulation. The first step of an IUI with no fertility medications involves the patient monitoring their ovulation. They will do so using an at-home kit that tests for luteinizing hormone (LH). When a person ovulates, there is a surge of LH. The patient will typically come to our clinic the following day for the IUI.

Preparation of the sperm in the lab. The patient’s partner or sperm donor provides a sperm sample before the IUI. To prepare the sample, an andrologist performs a sperm wash, which removes the semen from the sperm.

IUI procedure. The day after the patient likely ovulates, they come to our clinic for insemination. This procedure involves the fertility doctor inserting a speculum to provide access to the cervix. Next, the doctor passes a small catheter through the cervix and releases the sperm into the uterus. The patient then rests for about 15 minutes before resuming activity.

The success of IUI at our Indianapolis fertility clinic largely depends on the patient’s age, reproductive health and the predictability of their ovulation cycles. The health of the sperm from a partner or donor is also important.

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