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There are a variety of reasons that cryopreservation may be done, both electively or as part of a course of infertility treatment. When performed as an elective service, cryopreservation is also commonly referred to as “fertility preservation.”

Midwest Fertility Specialists provides comprehensive cryopreservation services to help you grow your family now or in the future, including the retrieval, testing and storage of reproductive tissue. We will store your eggs, sperm or embryos indefinitely until you are ready to use them.

Below is more information on the three different types of cryopreservation we offer.

Is cryopreservation effective?

It is never a guarantee that reproductive tissue will be viable when thawed. However, advances in egg and embryo freezing techniques over the past 10 years have improved the process of cryopreservation considerably. Midwest Fertility uses a process called vitrification, which greatly reduces the chance of ice formation within eggs and embryos and has significantly increased the likelihood of survival upon thawing. There is also extensive evidence that there is no increased risk of congenital birth defects, anomalies or other abnormalities in pregnancies achieved with cryopreserved eggs or embryos.

Similarly, there is no guarantee that frozen sperm will be of sufficient quantity or quality to result in a pregnancy using ART, particularly if you have an illness that has already affected the quality of your sperm. We analyze sperm prior to cryopreservation to provide insight into their viability.

Our physicians will discuss your unique situation and needs with you to determine the most appropriate path for cryopreservation and beyond.

Some individuals have ethical concerns with cryopreservation. Each person or couple must form their own opinions and make the choices best for them. We are happy to discuss any concerns with you.