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How to Donate Your Eggs

Interested in helping a couple become a family? Learn how to donate your eggs.

Providing someone the chance to become a parent is a rewarding experience. Midwest Fertility Specialists will guide you through this process, answering questions and providing support along the way. Our process ensures your privacy, and egg donation is completely anonymous to the egg recipients.

Below is each step of the egg donation process. Our donor coordinators welcome your call if you have any questions.

1. Egg Donor Eligibility Questionnaire
Fill out the egg donor eligibility questionnaire. You will be contacted within two business days about your eligibility status. If you are eligible to proceed, you will be given access on our website where you can complete the entire donor application.

2. Initial Consult
Next, we will schedule a visit to our office to complete a personality and psychological assessment. We will discuss the cycle details and answer your questions. A blood draw will also be done to test ovarian function. If you have previously donated eggs at another fertility center, please let us know so that we can obtain your records and potentially modify your screening process.

3. Psychological Counseling
Each donor will have a 1-2 hour clinical interview with a licensed psychologist at The Cabin Counseling and Resource Center as part of the initial screening process.

4. Screening
After the initial consult, you will be asked to schedule an exam and sonogram to evaluate your ovaries. You will have blood collected for genetic screening and infectious disease testing. In approximately three weeks, we will contact you with your results. If all results are normal, you will be approved as an active donor.

5. Matching
Once your profile is active, recipients may view it using a password protected website. You will be contacted upon your selection. Alternatively, we may elect to freeze your eggs.

6. Medical Process (In cycle)
To begin the donation process, you will likely need to begin taking birth control pills to regulate your cycle. Your donor coordinator will provide a plan with your anticipated appointment dates for blood tests and sonograms. They will instruct you on how to self-administer subcutaneous medication injections one to two times a day over the next three to four weeks. When your physician determines that your follicles are mature, you need to self-administer a trigger injection. Your retrieval will be scheduled to occur 36 hours after the trigger injection.

7. Donor Egg Retrieval
Your eggs will be retrieved during an outpatient procedure at our Carmel clinic.  You will be sedated to minimize discomfort, and there will be no incision. The retrieval takes about 30 minutes, followed by a one-hour recovery time. Grogginess, uterine cramping and light vaginal spotting are normal. You will be given post-procedure pain medications to take as needed.

8. Egg Donation Compensation
As an egg donor, your gift of life will be fairly compensated. The compensation for being an egg donor at Midwest Fertility is at least $5,000 per donation cycle.

Have a question about becoming an egg donor? Check out these FAQs or contact us.