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Third Party Reproduction

Third party reproduction options provide more paths to parenthood

In the past, adoption was the only option if you and your partner didn’t have your own eggs, sperm and uterus. However, third party reproduction has opened a world of new possibilities for women and men who want to experience pregnancy and parenthood. Midwest Fertility Specialists (MFS) is home to experts in donor assisted reproduction. Our Indiana fertility center offers a variety of options, including gestational surrogacy, and donor eggs, sperm and embryos.

Exploring donor assisted reproduction options

The term third party reproduction means that a donor or a surrogate is working with an individual or a couple to make pregnancy possible. Depending on your needs and family-building goals, you may decide to use one or more of the following treatment options.

  • Egg donation is a popular fertility option. A qualified egg donor will take fertility medications to help her produce multiple eggs. She then will undergo an egg retrieval procedure. Our embryologists will fertilize the eggs in the laboratory before your doctor transfers one of the resulting embryos to you or your gestational surrogate. This is a great option for couples facing female infertility, gay couples and single men.
  • Sperm donation allows a man to provide sperm for use in intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF). Our Indiana fertility center may recommend this option for single women, couples facing male infertility and lesbian couples.
  • Sometimes, patients end up with more IVF embryos than they need to complete their family. When this happens, embryo donation allows an individual or a couple to have one of these embryos transferred to achieve pregnancy.
  • Gestational surrogacy is when a woman agrees to carry a pregnancy for an individual or a couple. She is not related to the baby she is carrying, because the eggs come from the intended mother or an egg donor. This option can help gay couples, single men, and women and couples who cannot carry a pregnancy for any other reason.

Third party reproduction can provide high pregnancy rates

Treatment cycles using donor assisted reproduction tend to produce high success rates because the donors and gestational surrogates must undergo intensive prescreening. This screening explores the medical and psychological health of each potential donor or surrogate to ensure they are a good candidate.

When you use an agency or a clinic to find your donor or surrogate, they should have already completed this screening. For example, if you would like to use an egg donor from the program at our Indiana fertility center, you can feel confident that she has passed rigorous screening and is ready to help you grow your family.

No matter what third party reproduction option you select, our team will walk you through each step and answer all your questions. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about these innovative ways to experience the joys of parenthood.