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Cryopreservation of Sperm

Why freeze your sperm?

You may cryopreserve your sperm for a variety of reasons, including:

  • If sperm collection cannot be done simultaneously with egg retrieval to perform insemination during an IVF cycle.
  • To preserve your ability to have a family after certain illnesses or medical procedures, such as certain types of cancer and cancer treatment. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery can impact sperm and semen production and cause temporary or permanent loss of fertility.
  • When ejaculation is not possible due to erectile dysfunction or other medical conditions.
  • Sperm donation.
  • Preservation of sperm prior to gender reassignment.

What is the process for freezing sperm?

If surgical retrieval of sperm is not required, a semen sample is preferably obtained by masturbation in one of our collection rooms. If you cannot collect a specimen via masturbation, then collection through sexual intercourse is an option. There are specially designed silastic condoms that can be worn during intercourse to collect a semen sample, which must be brought to our office within an hour of collection. Two to five days of abstinence (no ejaculation) is required prior to obtaining a semen sample.

We analyze your semen for characteristics like concentration, motility and morphology (how the sperm look), then it is frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen for future use with ART.