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Lesbian Fertility Testing

Lesbian fertility testing helps patients take the next step towards motherhood

The doctors at our Indianapolis fertility center use lesbian fertility testing to help patients create an effective treatment plan. This testing allows our doctors to assess the health of the patient’s uterus and ovaries. It also gives them information about the patient’s ovarian reserve, or egg supply. Fertility specialists often recommend testing for both partners, as this supports them in determining who should provide the eggs and who should carry the pregnancy.

We utilize effective lesbian fertility testing

One of the first steps of lesbian fertility testing is an evaluation of the patients’ medical history and results of past fertility treatments. This evaluation helps the doctor decide which tests would be most beneficial for the patients. There are a variety of tests the doctors at our Indianapolis fertility center often recommend.

Transvaginal ultrasound. An ultrasound allows the doctor to assess the patient’s ovarian health, in addition to the shape and size of their uterus. The ultrasound can also reveal whether the patient has any uterine abnormalities.

Bloodwork. An analysis of the patient’s blood can reveal information about their ovarian reserve and levels of reproductive hormones. Bloodwork often helps determine which patient has the eggs that would provide the best chance of resulting in a healthy pregnancy.

Preconception genetic screening. This genetic testing can uncover conditions the patients’ children could inherit. If a patient has an inheritable genetic condition, they might choose to have their partner provide the eggs for the treatment cycle. The discovery of an inheritable genetic condition could also indicate a need for preimplantation genetic testing, or PGT.

The knowledgeable team at our fertility center walks patients through each step of this effective testing process.

Fertility treatments for lesbian couples

After reviewing the results of lesbian fertility testing, the doctor recommends the best fertility treatment plan for each patient.

If one of the patients has a healthy ovarian reserve and uterus, they are likely a good candidate for IUI or IVF with donor sperm. During IUI, the doctor places sperm from a donor into the uterus of one of the patients. In contrast, IVF consists of the doctor retrieving eggs from one of the patients and sending the eggs to the lab. An embryologist then fertilizes the eggs with donor sperm, and the doctor transfers one of the resulting embryos into the patient’s uterus.

The couple can also do reciprocal IVF. This option involves one patient providing the eggs that an embryologist fertilizes with donor sperm. The other patient then carries the pregnancy.

Our Indianapolis fertility center team supports patients throughout the exciting process to welcome a healthy baby. Contact us to learn more about fertility treatments.