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Surrogacy for Gay Patients

Gestational surrogacy for gay patients can be an important part of family building

Surrogacy for gay patients at our Indianapolis fertility center helps many fulfill the dream of building a family. The support of a gestational surrogate is essential for gay patients at our clinic, as the embryo that results from the patient’s sperm and the egg donor’s egg will develop in the surrogate’s uterus. To ensure this process is as stress-free and effective as possible, we are by the patient’s side for each part of this journey.

What to expect from surrogacy for gay patients

Gay patients wanting to build their family with their own sperm will need both an egg donor and a gestational surrogate. Our team and a surrogacy agency can support these patients in finding the ideal gestational surrogate and taking the next step towards parenthood.

Choose from high-quality surrogates. We can connect patients with agencies that have high-quality gestational surrogates who have undergone comprehensive screening. This screening involves physical, reproductive and psychological evaluations that confirm their overall health.

Altruistic surrogates. Women become surrogates because of a desire to help others have a child of their own. Reputable surrogacy agencies can help ensure that gay patients have access to surrogates who are supportive of the LGBTQ community.

Same-sex surrogacy laws. Surrogacy agencies can also help gay patients understand and navigate the same-sex surrogacy laws in Indiana.

The team at our Indianapolis fertility center also works closely with patients to help ensure they have a positive experience with surrogacy for gay patients.

How the gestational surrogate becomes pregnant

After the patients select a surrogate, there are steps that lead to the gestational surrogate becoming pregnant. We walk patients through every phase of this process.

Egg donor selection. In addition to selecting a gestational surrogate, gay men will also need to find an egg donor. Our clinic will manage this woman’s egg donation cycle and will provide the patients with regular updates on the process.

Sperm collection. Next, one or both of the patients provide a semen sample that an embryologist then uses to fertilize the eggs the doctor retrieves from the egg donor. Ideally, the fertilization results in the development of numerous healthy embryos.

Preparing the uterine lining. The gestational surrogate takes progesterone to prepare the uterine lining for the embryo transfer.

Embryo transfer. The final step involves the fertility doctor transferring one of the embryos that result from the donor’s eggs and the patient’s sperm into the gestational surrogate’s uterus. The surrogate takes a pregnancy test about 14 days after the transfer.

Surrogacy for gay patients at our Indianapolis fertility center is one of the most effective ways for same-sex male couples to create a family. It’s our honor to help these couples move forward on this journey. Contact us for more information about gestational surrogates.