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Donor Eggs for Gay Men

Donor eggs for gay men help fulfill the dream of parenthood

Donor eggs for gay men at our Indianapolis fertility clinic help many same-sex male couples and single men build a family. This fertility option is necessary for gay men wanting to use their sperm during an IVF, or in vitro fertilization, cycle. These patients also need to utilize the support of a gestational surrogate.

What to expect when using donor eggs for gay men

One of the first steps for men using donor eggs at our Indianapolis fertility clinic is fertility testing for the patient providing the sperm. This testing helps ensure the patient has healthy sperm and no inheritable genetic conditions. After confirming the health of the patient’s sperm, we walk them through each step of the egg donation process.

Access to high-quality donors. We can connect patients with high-quality egg donors in our in-house program who have undergone thorough medical, genetic and psychological testing.

Browsing the egg donor database. The next step of using donor eggs for gay men involves finding the ideal egg donor. Patients can browse a comprehensive database that includes donors’ photos as well as information about their education, ethnicity, interests, personality and health.

Starting the egg donation cycle. After egg donor selection, we create a schedule for the donor cycle.

In addition to helping patients find the right egg donor, we support them in selecting the gestational surrogate who will carry the pregnancy.

What happens during the egg donation cycle?

During the egg donation cycle, our clinic keeps the patients updated on the donor’s progress. We also do everything possible to help ensure the cycle results in the retrieval of numerous healthy eggs.

Ovulation induction medications. The egg donation cycle begins with the donor self-administering ovulation induction medications. When enough eggs mature, the donor takes an additional medication to prevent premature ovulation.

Monitoring. The donor receives regular monitoring at our clinic so that the doctor can assess the growth of the eggs.

Egg retrieval. When the eggs reach the ideal size, the donor takes a trigger shot that tells the body to release the eggs. About 36 hours later, the doctor retrieves the eggs during a short procedure.

Fertilization. After retrieval, the doctor sends the eggs to the lab where an embryologist fertilizes them with sperm from one of the patients.

Embryo transfer. The final phase of donor eggs for gay men consists of the doctor transferring one of the resulting embryos into the uterus of the gestational surrogate. We will then monitor the surrogate for signs of pregnancy.

Our Indianapolis fertility clinic is by each patient’s side throughout this exciting journey to parenthood. With our support, many gay men fulfill their dream of taking home a healthy baby. Contact us for more information about egg donation.