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Egg Freezing Candidates

Egg freezing candidates can move forward with fertility preservation

Our Indianapolis fertility doctors help patients determine whether they’re good egg freezing candidates. Egg freezing is a helpful option for those wanting to delay parenthood because of their career or relationship status as well as those experiencing certain health concerns. The development of a flash-freezing technology called vitrification makes egg freezing a safe and effective way for patients to preserve their fertility.

Who are egg freezing candidates?

Various circumstances make a person a good candidate for egg freezing. People in the following groups should speak to our Indianapolis fertility doctors.

People 34 and under. Female fertility typically peaks in a person’s 20s and begins to decline in their 30s. As such, many fertility specialists recommend egg freezing for people aged 34 and under who want to postpone parenthood. Usually, younger eggs are healthier and better able to undergo flash freezing. In addition, younger eggs often do better during the eventual thawing process.

Cancer patients. Those who need chemotherapy or radiation are egg freezing candidates. These cancer treatments can have negative effects on the ovaries and prevent a person from conceiving when they’re cancer free. Egg freezing can allow these individuals to fulfill the dream of parenthood after cancer.

Those with a family history of premature ovarian failure. If a person has a family history of premature ovarian failure, they should explore egg freezing.

Employees with insurance coverage. A person working for a company that covers the cost of egg freezing can preserve their fertility for little or no cost.

Military personnel. People who might have to go into combat might want to consider egg freezing, as their ovaries could experience damage.

We encourage those who are candidates for fertility preservation to discuss this exciting option with the specialists at our clinic.

How to take the next steps towards fertility preservation

The first step on the path to egg freezing is a consultation with one of our Indianapolis fertility doctors. During this appointment, the doctor assesses the patient’s medical history and provides more information about the egg freezing process.

After the initial consultation, the patient receives an ultrasound and blood test. These exams allow the doctor to assess the patient’s hormone levels and the quality and quantity of their eggs.

Our clinic is here to provide support to egg freezing candidates who are hoping to have more flexibility on their journey to build a family. Contact us for more information about fertility preservation.

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