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Saline Infusion Sonohysterogram, SIS

Learn how a saline infusion sonogram can provide information about a patient’s fertility

Our Indianapolis fertility doctors sometimes use a saline infusion sonohysterogram, or SIS, as an alternative to a hysterosalpingogram. This fertility evaluation allows doctors to assess any abnormalities in the uterus and see the shape of the uterine cavity. They can also evaluate the ovaries during this exam.

Who might need a saline infusion sonohysterogram?

There are several reasons why one of our Indianapolis fertility doctors might recommend a SIS.

The knowledgeable doctors at our clinic help patients determine whether this fertility evaluation is right for their unique needs.

What can patients expect during a SIS?

Our Indianapolis fertility doctors perform this evaluation at our clinic, typically between the end of a patient’s menstrual cycle and right before ovulation. The saline infusion sonohysterogram begins with the doctor performing an ultrasound. They then insert a speculum into the vagina. Next, they pass a catheter (a thin tube) through the cervix and into the uterus, then replace the speculum with the ultrasound probe.

The next phase of the saline infusion sonohysterogram consists of the doctor filling the uterus with a sterile saline solution. The doctor then uses ultrasound images to evaluate the size, shape and contour of the uterus.

Because some patients experience mild cramping as the saline solution enters the body, many take over-the-counter pain medication before this fertility evaluation.

After the exam some patients have a bit of watery discharge and might need to wear a pad. Light spotting is also common for a day or two after a SIS. While many patients are fine to drive themselves home after the procedure, some prefer to have a companion with them to do it.

Our team is by the patient’s side for each step of the journey, from discovering why they’re having trouble conceiving to that amazing day when they have a positive pregnancy test. Contact us for more information about saline infusion sonohysterogram.