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Antral Follicle Count

Discover how a patient’s antral follicle count affects their ability to have a baby

The doctors at our Indianapolis fertility center assess a patient’s antral follicle count when evaluating how to best support them in building a family. This number matters because antral follicles (the small, unstimulated eggs) can help our doctors estimate the number of eggs a patient still has in their ovaries.

How we assess a patient’s antral follicle count

Fertility specialists can determine the number of antral follicles that a patient has by performing a transvaginal ultrasound. This ultrasound occurs on the third day of the patient’s menstrual cycle. A high follicle count often means that the patient has a good egg supply.

In addition to the ultrasound, our Indianapolis fertility center utilizes other tests to assess a patient’s fertility health.

Bloodwork. Testing a patient’s blood provides additional information about their egg supply and levels of reproductive hormones. These hormones play an important role in the patient’s ability to conceive.

Preconception genetic testing. Our doctors often recommend preconception genetic testing, as it helps them discover whether a patient carries any inheritable genetic conditions. If they do, the doctor might suggest in vitro fertilization (IVF) with preimplantation genetic testing (PGT).

The knowledgeable team at our clinic works closely with patients to determine their fertility health. Using this information, our team can determine how to best support them in fulfilling their dream of parenthood.

What happens if a patient has a low number of follicles?

When the doctor performs the transvaginal ultrasound, they typically hope to see eight or more antral follicles. If the doctor doesn’t see this, there are many ways we can help the patient develop a healthy pregnancy.

Low antral follicle count. When a patient has three to six follicles, the specialists at our Indianapolis fertility center might prescribe higher doses of ovarian stimulation medications during certain fertility treatments.

Very low follicle count. An antral follicle count that is extremely low could be a sign that the patient is a candidate for donor eggs. In this case, our clinic can help them understand what that process would look like.

After the doctor develops an in-depth understanding of the patient’s fertility health, they work with them to create a customized treatment plan.

The compassionate staff at our clinic is here to help patients on every step of their fertility journey. Contact us for more information about our fertility services.