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Lesbian Fertility Options

Lesbian fertility options can help patients build a healthy family

Our Indianapolis fertility center provides lesbian fertility options that help patients determine the best path forward on their journey to parenthood. These options allow doctors to discover whether either patient has any fertility challenges that could affect their ability to develop a healthy pregnancy. These options also include effective treatments that often result in the birth of a healthy baby.

A look at the fertility tests that our doctors often recommend

Before the doctors at our Indianapolis fertility center work with patients to make a treatment plan, they evaluate their medical history. In addition, the doctors typically have the patients undergo various tests. These tests help the doctors evaluate the health of the patients’ uterus and ovaries, in addition to their ovarian reserve (egg supply).

Transvaginal ultrasound. The patient who will carry the pregnancy receives an ultrasound that allows the doctor to assess the shape and size of the uterus. The ultrasound can help identify any uterine abnormalities. If the lesbian patients do not yet know which partner will carry the pregnancy, both patients receive an ultrasound.

Blood tests. Bloodwork is an important part of fertility testing. It provides valuable information about the patients’ hormone levels. This information helps the doctor determine which partner has the eggs that would provide the best chance of resulting in a healthy pregnancy.

Preconception genetic testing. Many patients decide to have preconception genetic testing, as it can help reveal whether they have any inheritable genetic conditions. This testing can help the patients determine who should provide the eggs and whether they should pursue preimplantation genetic testing.

The fertility specialists at our clinic work closely with patients to help them determine whether they require more extensive fertility testing than what’s listed here.

Effective lesbian fertility options that help patients become parents

Once the doctor receives the results of the patients’ fertility testing, they can create an effective treatment plan. Lesbian fertility options all include donor sperm. This sperm is what the embryologist uses to fertilize the eggs from the patient.

IUI with donor sperm. A patient with a healthy uterus and ovarian reserve might be a good candidate for an IUI. This procedure consists of the doctor injecting donor sperm into the patient’s uterus when they are ovulating.

IVF with donor sperm. This lesbian fertility option includes one of the patients taking medication that causes eggs to grow. When enough eggs mature, a doctor retrieves them and sends them to the lab where an embryologist fertilizes them with donor sperm. The doctor then transfers one of the resulting embryos into the patient’s uterus.

Lesbian patients utilizing IVF can choose to have one partner provide the eggs and the other carries the pregnancy.

The team at our Indianapolis fertility center is by the patients’ side for each step of this exciting process. With our support, many patients take home a healthy baby. Contact us to learn more about lesbian fertility options.