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Indiana Special Assembly

Learn how we can work together to protect your reproductive rights

Midwest Fertility Specialists is proud to be home to doctors who make parenthood possible in many ways. The innovative fertility treatments we provide help build families in our community. Our Indianapolis fertility doctors also educate and advocate to protect reproductive rights for everyone.

Starting on July 25, during an Indiana special legislative session, state lawmakers will discuss proposed Senate Bill (SB 1). This bill does not currently affect IVF or fertility care. The physicians at Midwest Fertility Specialists will be paying close attention as this bill goes through the amendment process.

The physicians at Midwest Fertility Specialists want to ensure that any amendments to the current bill will not put IVF treatment at risk.

This is where our patients can help. Your collective voice is an essential and important part of the legislative process to protect access to IVF, so we ask that you contact your state legislators.

Thank you for standing with us and all of the hopeful parents throughout Indiana. As your physicians, we are proud to stand with you to preserve and protect access to IVF for all.

If you need help finding your legislator, you can use this tool from the Indiana General Assembly.

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