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Single Parent Family Building

Single parent family building is possible with the right treatments

More women and men are deciding that they don’t need a partner in order to be a parent. To support them, the team at Midwest Fertility Specialists (MFS) offers single parent family building options. These include intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF), as well as help from generous donors and our Indiana fertility doctors.

Family building options for single men

Fatherhood is possible for single men using IVF with donor eggs and gestational surrogacy. Our Indiana fertility doctors will start by performing diagnostic testing to rule out male infertility.  Your next step is to select a surrogate and an egg donor. To make single parent family building for men easier, MFS offers their own egg donor database.

Once you’ve selected your donor and surrogate, the medical process can begin. Your egg donor will take fertility medications to help her ovaries produce multiple eggs. She will then undergo an egg retrieval procedure. Next, our embryologists will fertilize her eggs with your sperm. Your doctor will then transfer one of the resulting embryos to your surrogate’s uterus. If you have embryos remaining, you can choose to freeze and store them for future pregnancy attempts.

Single parent family building services for women

When you visit our Indiana fertility doctors, you first provide a medical history and undergo diagnostic testing. Using this information, your doctor will help you decide which treatment will be the most likely to help you welcome a baby. Our team will also help you determine whether you should use an anonymous sperm donor from a sperm bank or someone you know.

Once you’ve selected your donor, your doctor will either recommend IUI or IVF. IUI is a more basic option that involves using a catheter to place the donor sperm in your uterus. In contrast, IVF is more advanced and includes multiple steps. You will take medications for ovarian stimulation and undergo egg retrieval. Then, our embryologists will fertilize your eggs with the donor sperm. Finally, your doctor will transfer one of the embryos to your uterus.

Some single women may be interested in donor eggs and surrogacy. If you are, our fertility experts can also help with that path to parenthood.

If you’re not ready for motherhood yet, you might want to consider egg freezing. Doing so can allow you to preserve eggs now for possible use in the future. The process involves taking fertility medications and undergoing an egg retrieval procedure. Then, instead of fertilizing the eggs, our team will freeze and store them for future use.

Having a family on your terms with help from MFS

The single parent family building options at our clinic make it easier to build a family when the time is right for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more.