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Success at Midwest: Stories of Hope

“Dr. O’Leary helped us get our Leap Day Baby. Midwest Fertility Specialist staff were all amazing and went above and beyond. We are grateful for our time with them. We feel so blessed to have our baby. Zadie Ruth was born Feb. 29, 2024 at 8:01am, weighing in at 7 pounds 8ounces.” – The Keck Family





“Thank you to Dr. Matt Will and the incredible team at Midwest Fertility for introducing us to the concept of embryo adoption. Your expertise, compassion, and support have been instrumental in making our dreams a reality. Today we hold our little girl in our arms, a testament to the miracles that happen at Midwest Fertility. In addition, I am thrilled to share that I recently wrote and published a book on Amazon called “Gifted Beginnings.” This book introduces the topic of embryo adoption to children in a gentle and loving way, inspired by our own journey. It’s a celebration of family, love, and the incredible gift of life. To all families on a similar path, never lose hope.” – Lisa



“Thank you Midwest team for our two babies, Easton and Victoria.” – The Godfrey Family





“We love to talk about how Dr. Will changed our lives forever and shout his praises from the rooftops! He’s not only extremely skilled in his field, he’s also incredibly kind and compassionate when things don’t go as planned. He’s always giving hope when things feel hopeless. It’s been 2 years since our success at Midwest and I’ll never forget how Dr. Will and his incredible team made me feel. Even the receptionists were warm and friendly. After 8 years of trying, these 2 really are Midwest miracles” – The Lyons Family




“We want to thank Dr. Will for helping us build our little family. The staff at Midwest are the greatest and helped us above and beyond. We are so very grateful!” – Princess





“We thought we would never be able to have children and Dr. Bopp made our dreams come true. We will be grateful to Dr. Bopp and Midwest forever. Our girls bring such joy to the world. Thank you for our 2 Midwest miracles.” – Lora





“Maeve is named after our hero, Dr. Kathleen O’Leary. We are so grateful for Dr. O’Leary and the entire Midwest Fertility team!” – The Braitling Family





“Dr. Will met baby Mac! So thankful for everything he did to bring this boy into the world!” – The Wathen Family





“Thank you Midwest Fertility for helping us get our rainbow! You helped us through a difficult time and navigating my husband’s deployment! Eloise Dorothy was born on September 24 at 11:59 and is healthy and perfect!” – Kayla




“Thank you guys so much for giving me the opportunity to have 2 beautiful IVF boys! We had Dr. Erica Will. Cash was 2 in June and Ace was born at 28 weeks but is home and doing great now as he’s 3 months!” – Stacie


“I have been working with Dr. Erica Will for several rounds of IVF, and I just want to say that she’s probably the best doctor I’ve ever worked with, and I also ADORE Nurse Jackie. Both of them are very professional, compassionate, thorough, and knowledgeable. It breaks my heart to see a previous review mentioning Nurse Jackie, because she is literally one of my favorite people and incredibly good at her job. Our process would have been much more difficult had we worked with anyone else, and we are very thankful we get to work with both of these amazing ladies.” – Julia

“I have been a patient at Midwest Fertility Specialists for about 6 months now and have had a great experience. I have recommended this clinic to friends. This is the clinic my OB-GYN recommended. I did consults with 3 clinics in 3 different states, and this is the place I felt best about from the beginning. Since our first consult with Dr. Matthew Will we have felt heard and cared for.” – Abby

“I had a great experience with Dr. Matt Will and his staff at Midwest! Maggie and Miah were like my dream team! I am the type of person who needs information to feel settled and they knew that and really helped throughout the process. Miah especially made me feel at home and her excitement and care for me was so genuine and made me feel at home. Renita always helped with all the end of appointment info and made it so smooth and easy to navigate. Kristen was my ultrasound tech a few times and I was always happy to see her. She was informative and so kind! Thank you to all at Midwest and extra special thanks to all who made this process go smoothly! I am forever grateful.” – Kortney

“We previously went to another clinic in the area that wasted our time, money and misdiagnosed me. Dr. O’Leary was kind and very thorough. Within one month they had me scheduled for a procedure that correctly diagnosed my problem and the following month we began treatments. After a year and half of wasted time and money somewhere else we were pregnant with our first baby within 6 months of our initial visit with Midwest. The FW staff is amazing and very responsive. We just wished we could have stayed in their care for the whole pregnancy! Couldn’t say enough good things. Our best friends who also struggled with infertility saw her as well and we had our babies 10 days apart!” – Jana

“I can’t rave enough about our experiences with Midwest Fertility. Dr O’Leary always took the time to listen to my husband and I and our concerns, and helped us on our journey to becoming parents. The medical staff, phlebotomists, ultrasound techs, and office staff were always so incredibly kind and professional and always made sure we felt comfortable. Nurse Rachel was so sweet and held my hand literally and figuratively through some of the difficult parts of this journey. We are forever grateful to Midwest Fertility for giving us the chance to be parents. Thank you!” – Stephanie

“We researched many fertility clinics before deciding where we were going to go. After watching Dr. O’Leary’s video, I knew she was the doctor for us. She constantly goes above and beyond for her patients. She has been there to answer questions, offer support, and guide us every step of the way. Dr. O’Leary takes time to get to know her patients and pours her heart into ensuring that patients feel good about the decisions they are making. There are no other doctors like her! She is the best and I am so thankful for all she has done for us. There is no one else I would rather have guiding us on our fertility journey than Dr. O’Leary. She is amazing!” – Allison

“We seemed to take it for granted, that we would be able to plan having kids the way we had planned every other step in our lives.”

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“Our son came no problem, we weren’t even actively trying. So we just knew that’s how it would be the second time around…and it wasn’t.”

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