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Tips For Traveling While In Treatment

The holiday season is a time where many women travel to be with friends, family, or to enjoy a getaway. Traveling while undergoing fertility treatments requires some preparation to ensure your planned trips go as smoothly as possible. Our care team shares their expert tips.

4 Tips To Traveling While In Fertility Treatment

  1. Check Your Medication Lists – Twice! Be sure to review your medication list and know which of your medications need to be refrigerated if traveling. You can pack them in a cooler ahead of time or store them in your hotel refrigerator. If you have oral medications, be sure to pick them up from your local pharmacy ahead of time, or schedule deliveries accordingly from special mail-order pharmacies.
  2. If flying with medications, have the appropriate paperwork in place. Since you will be bringing along needles and liquid medications in a cooler, airlines require paperwork from your doctor to meet safety and compliance regulations. If possible, give your care team a couple of business days to get this in place for you.
  3. Try to predict your cycle timing. If your cycle is regular and you’re able to predict a general window of when your period begins, be aware if this will land when you’re out of the area. Most fertility treatment cycles need to begin on cycle days 2-5. If you’re planning on skipping a month of treatment – that’s okay too! Be sure to remain in communication with your fertility doctor to make them aware.
  4. Take it easy! While traveling often means keeping busy, if you are taking injectable medications, be sure to limit your physical activity. Walking and general day-to-day activities are fine, but avoid high-impact exercises, heavy lifting, or anything over-strenuous.

No matter where you’re traveling this season, our team remains here for you! Please contact us with any questions or concerns at (317) 571-1637