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Midwest Fertility Physician Announces Retirement

Dr. Laura Reuter announces her retirement from the practice.

With much joy and some sadness, I am writing to let you know of my intention to retire this summer. I truly have enjoyed and felt privileged to provide care for you over my time in practice. My last day with Midwest Fertility Specialists will be Friday, June 14, 2019. As you know, I have proudly worked as part of the group of physicians here at Midwest Fertility and consider them some of the most knowledgeable and caring physicians that you’ll find anywhere. I highly recommend any of them, at your choosing, for your future infertility needs. Feel free to review their bios.

All of us at Midwest Fertility understand that you may wish to be seen by someone outside of our practice. Please be assured that our staff will do everything possible to make the transition smooth and stress-free.

Your medical records are confidential and will remain on file at Midwest Fertility. If you choose another physician in the group, you won’t need to take any action concerning your medical records. If you would prefer that we send your records elsewhere, you will need to sign an authorization form before we can release your records.

Regarding any reproductive material that you have stored at Midwest Fertility (oocytes, embryos, or sperm), there is nothing that you need to initiate. Unrelated to my retirement, Indiana Fertility Providers/Ovation Fertility now provides our storage services and they are or will be, reaching out with information packets at your storage anniversary time. A few of you have already received that information and the rest of you will receive the information over the coming months.

I leave with the knowledge that I have been truly blessed to have had a medical career devoted to women’s reproductive care. I will always treasure the many special moments that I have shared with my patients during my time in clinical practice. It has been such a pleasure to meet you and to care for you. I wish you health, happiness, and all the best in the years to come.


Laura Reuter, MD