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What We Learned From Our Testimonial Video Shoot

When it comes to infertility, we may be the experts; but we constantly learn from the patients who walk through our doors each day.

We recently sat down with a handful of these patients — and we listened. We listened to them each talk about how much they wanted a family and the challenges and triumphs they experienced on their journey to having that family.

Each interview was an emotional and powerful experience for everyone in the room. And their stories speak amazing messages of hope.

We learned so much from these conversations, and it was really difficult to pare down their interviews into just a minute or so. Here are a few of our takeaways from this project:


It is easy for us as health care providers to get wrapped up in the daily grind of a medical practice, filled with procedures, paperwork (so much paperwork) and many other routine tasks. Sometimes, we forget how truly lucky we are to do what we do. Hearing the joy in these patients’ voices after years of struggling to get pregnant — and seeing those beautiful babies’ faces — was an incredible reminder of our mission and why we strive to fulfill it each day.


While dealing with infertility is extremely difficult and can sometimes feel isolating for those going through it, we saw firsthand that it can actually bring people together.

One of our patients was motivated to start a support group with other patients from our practice and other clinics. This group of women meets to talk about what they are going through — or have gone through — and provide each other a sense of belonging and understanding.

Another couple shared their story on their YouTube vlog, and the comments say it all. Their detailed account of their experience inspired many others to share their stories and offer encouraging words.

Yet another patient decided to turn her experience into a children’s book that will live on for her child and many others (stay tuned for more on this).


Something that we know very well, but that is very powerful to see all at once, is how diverse our patients are. They come from all walks of life — careers, relationship statuses, races, religions, sexual orientations — and they all take unique paths to growing their families. We help build all types of families, and we are grateful and honored to be a part of every single one.


What did each and every one of the couples we talked with have in common? Every one of them said that, despite the challenges and emotional rollercoaster they experienced, seeing their children’s faces made it all worth it. And having had the chance to talk and play with some of these amazing kids, we couldn’t agree more.

See what we’re talking about — watch their stories here.