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All About ASRM 2022

ASRM 2022 allows doctors to learn about the latest innovations in fertility care

ASRM 2022 allows doctors to learn about the latest innovations in fertility careThe doctors from our Indianapolis fertility center will attend ASRM 2022 to expand their knowledge of reproductive care and connect with other experts in the field. The theme of this year’s conference is “Genes, Gametes, and Genetics: What Will the Future Hold?” The conference will include presentations on reproductive endocrinology, assisted reproductive technology, reproductive surgery and other fertility topics. Attending ASRM allows our doctors to continue providing exceptional fertility care to our patients.

Discover the numerous resources our doctors can utilize at ASRM 2022

For the ASRM conference, many of the brightest minds in the fertility field will gather to share and explore the latest findings in reproductive medicine.

Exploring leading-edge research. During the conference, attendees will attend presentations and discussions. These talks will cover innovations in reproductive medicine.

Celebrating how far we’ve come. This year’s President’s Gala will celebrate milestones in reproductive rights. It will also establish the foundation for leading policy discussions now and into the future.

Society events. Other professional organizations will also be meeting at the event to share the latest happenings.

Networking. The ASRM fertility conference is an ideal time for fertility specialists to connect with colleagues and leaders in the field.

Postgraduate courses. ASRM conference attendees can expand their knowledge during focused postgraduate courses.

Exhibitors. This fertility conference allows attendees to expand their knowledge of the latest medical innovations as they explore exhibitors’ displays.

Notable presenters at this year’s ASRM fertility conference

One highlight of ASRM 2022 is a presentation from Amanda Kallen MD. Titled “From Genomic Junk to Rising Stars: Noncoding RNAs in Ovarian Aging,” the presentation will explore ovarian aging as a critical determinant of fertility. This information will help our doctors provide even more effective treatment for patients with a decreased egg supply.

Conference attendees will also hear from Peter Schlegel MD about the evolution of surgical treatments for severe male infertility. In addition, Diana Laird PhD will discuss the effects of prenatal exposures to endocrine-di`srupting chemicals.

Overall, ASRM 2022 will help the doctors from our Indianapolis fertility center deepen their already robust knowledge of fertility care to help even more patients become parents. Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment.