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National Rainbow Baby Day

On National Rainbow Baby Day, learn how we help patients overcome miscarriage

On National Rainbow Baby Day, learn how we help patients overcome miscarriageIn honor of National Rainbow Baby Day, our Indianapolis fertility clinic wants to share how we support patients after miscarriage. Many people go on to have a healthy baby on their own after their first miscarriage. However, those who experience recurrent miscarriage (two or more miscarriages before 20 weeks of gestation) might need support from a fertility specialist. Our clinic provides comprehensive testing and effective treatments to help people conceive their rainbow babies.

Schedule fertility testing in honor of National Rainbow Baby Day

National Rainbow Baby Day often inspires people trying to overcome miscarriage to schedule a consultation at our Indianapolis fertility clinic. During this consult, a doctor at our clinic reviews the patient’s medical history, including information about their past miscarriages. The doctor then recommends various evidence-based testing that can help reveal the patient’s unique fertility needs. Unfortunately, in 50% of cases, no cause can be identified, but there are still options for treatment.

The ASRM evidence-based evaluation of recurrent pregnancy loss includes assessment of the uterine cavity with saline infusion sonogram, hysterosalpingogram or hysteroscopy for issues, such as scar tissue, polyps or fibroids.

The evidence-based evaluation also includes blood tests for autoimmune conditions like antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, parental karyotypes to rule out a genetic abnormality, a thrombophilia evaluation for patients with a personal or family history of blood-clotting disorders, genetic analysis of products of conception and assessing for thyroid dysfunction, hyperprolactinemia, prediabetes or diabetes, and diminished ovarian reserve.

If testing does not reveal a potential cause of a patient’s miscarriages, which happens in 50% of cases, our clinic can still provide effective treatment that can help a patient overcome miscarriage.

Treatments that can help patients overcome miscarriage and conceive their rainbow baby

After assessing the results of a patient’s fertility tests, the doctor works with the patient to develop a treatment plan. This plan often results in the patient fulfilling their dream of parenthood.

Hysteroscopy. This procedure can correct uterine issues like fibroids, large polyps, scar tissue or other conditions that might cause recurrent pregnancy loss.

Planning pregnancy with ovulation induction. This involves oral or injectable medications to help “plan” the pregnancy. Patients typically take medications for a few days for healthy egg development. With monitoring, we can trigger ovulation at the ideal time for optimal hormonal support and help time intercourse and/or an intrauterine insemination. A benefit of this type of simple treatment is that we can start progesterone supplementation after ovulation and before an embryo even implants.

IVF with preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). Patients who lost pregnancies due to chromosomal abnormalities can benefit from IVF with PGT. This helps ensure the doctor transfer a chromosomally normal embryo into the patient’s uterus during an IVF cycle.

Medication for excessive blood clotting. In some situations, medications such as aspirin and Lovenox can help a patient overcome miscarriage, especially when autoimmune or other thrombophilias are present.

Medication for hormonal issues. The doctor can prescribe medication for patients with a thyroid condition, uncontrolled diabetes, elevated prolactin or other hormonal complications.

The dedicated team at our Indianapolis fertility clinic cares deeply about helping patients move past the pain of miscarriage and conceive their rainbow baby. Contact us for more information about National Rainbow Baby Day.