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Celebrating World Embryologist Day

On World Embryologist Day, discover how embryologists help patients become parents

On World Embryologist Day, discover how embryologists help patients become parentsIn honor of World Embryologist Day, our Indianapolis fertility clinic wants to share what embryologists do to help patients fulfill the dream of parenthood. Embryologists play an important role in the lab and the success of treatments such as IVF. In many ways, the role of the embryologist is just as important as that of the fertility doctor.

World Embryologist Day is a great time to learn about what embryologists do in the lab

Wondering what embryologists do? Their work involves everything from identifying and fertilizing eggs to testing embryos and preparing them for transfer. These tasks have a significant impact on the success of fertility treatments.

Monitor lab quality. The embryologist oversees the temperature, air quality, humidity, and other important environmental and quality controls in the lab.

Egg identification and fertilization. Following an egg retrieval, the embryologist uses a microscope to identify and collect eggs from the follicular fluid the doctor removes from the ovaries. For IVF cycles, the embryologist uses sperm from the patient’s partner or sperm donor to fertilize the eggs.

Incubation of fertilized eggs. After fertilizing eggs, the embryologist places them in an incubator that mimics the conditions of the inside of the body and supports the fertilized eggs in becoming embryos.

Genetic testing. To determine the chromosomal health of embryos, the embryologist can perform embryo biopsies. This allows the embryologist to determine which embryos have the best chance of resulting in a healthy pregnancy.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. ICSI consists of the embryologist injecting a single live sperm into the center of a mature egg during an IVF cycle.

Preparation of embryos for transfer. When the patient is ready to utilize one of their embryos, the embryologist supports them in selecting a high-quality embryo. They then prepare the embryo for transfer by placing it in a catheter and assisting the physician with the embryo transfer.

Cryopreservation. The embryologist can flash-freeze reproductive materials, including eggs, sperm and embryos.

Take the next step to parenthood

World Embryologist Day is a great time to take the next step on the road to parenthood. Schedule a consultation today if you’re ready to build your family with the support of the team at our Indianapolis fertility clinic. Contact us for more information about what embryologists do.