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Find Support For Mother’s Day 2022

The support of a fertility doctor can make Mother’s Day 2022 a little easier

The support of a fertility doctor can make Mother’s Day 2022 a little easierAs Mother’s Day 2022 approaches, many people are considering how to move forward on the path to parenthood. While this day can be stressful for those trying to conceive, it can also be helpful motivation to seek the support of a fertility doctor at our Indianapolis fertility clinic. The specialists at our clinic utilize comprehensive fertility evaluations and effective treatments to help patients move past fertility challenges and become parents.

Why seek the support of a fertility doctor for Mother’s Day 2022?

A crucial first step of building a family is understanding why a person is having trouble developing a healthy pregnancy. The doctors at our clinic can often provide an accurate diagnosis after a patient undergoes various fertility evaluations.

Medical history. During a person’s initial visit, the doctor reviews their medical history and results from past pregnancy attempts and fertility treatments. This information can help inform the tests and treatments the doctor recommends.

Blood test. Bloodwork allows the doctor to assess a patient’s levels of reproductive hormones.

Transvaginal ultrasound. Many patients receive an ultrasound, as it helps the doctor evaluate the health of the patient’s ovaries and determine if they have any uterine abnormalities.

Hysterosalpingogram (HSG). In some cases, patients need this test to detect possible uterine abnormalities, such as adhesions, polyps and fibroids.

Surgical evaluation of infertility. If the doctor suspects the patient has endometriosis, uterine defects or fallopian tube issues, they may suggest a minimally invasive surgical evaluation.

If the approach of Mother’s Day 2022 is causing you stress, take the next step towards parenthood by scheduling a consultation at our Indianapolis fertility clinic.

Effective treatments that help patients build a healthy family

After the patient undergoes fertility evaluations, the doctor reviews the results and works with the patient to develop a treatment plan. There are various treatments the doctor might recommend depending on the patient’s unique fertility needs.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) involves the doctor placing sperm from the patient’s partner or a sperm donor into their uterus using a catheter. Leading up to the IUI, the patient tracks their ovulation and comes to our clinic for the procedure the day after ovulation.

IUI and clomiphene citrate (Clomid) can help if a patient has ovulation challenges, as Clomid stimulates ovulation.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a popular and effective treatment consisting of the patient taking ovulation induction medications while receiving regular monitoring at our clinic. After the patient’s eggs mature, the doctor retrieves them and sends them to the lab where an embryologist fertilizes them with sperm. The doctor then transfers a resulting embryo into the patient’s uterus.

Our Indianapolis fertility clinic hopes that the prospect of these effective treatments and the support of a fertility doctor make Mother’s Day 2022 less stressful for those trying to conceive. Contact us for more information about our fertility services.