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Learn about Infertility During NIAW 2022

Learn more about the importance of infertility diagnosis and treatment during NIAW 2022

Learn more about the importance of infertility diagnosis and treatment during NIAW 2022During NIAW 2022, or National Infertility Awareness Week, our Indianapolis fertility clinic wants to help people understand the importance of infertility diagnosis and treatment. Understanding when and how to seek fertility treatments and testing can support people in bypassing a range of fertility challenges. With the expert support of our fertility specialists, many patients fulfill the dream of parenthood.

The importance of infertility diagnosis and treatment at our clinic

One of the first steps a person should take when facing fertility issues is undergo a fertility evaluation. This evaluation begins with a doctor at our Indianapolis fertility clinic assessing the patient’s medical history. The doctor then makes recommendations for fertility evaluations that can help reveal why the person is having trouble conceiving.

Bloodwork. A blood test allows us to evaluate a person’s ovarian reserve, in addition to their hormone levels. These hormones include anti-Mullerian hormone, estradiol, prolactin, follicle-stimulating hormone and thyroid-stimulating hormone.

Transvaginal ultrasound. Doctors utilize ultrasounds to assess the health of the patient’s ovaries and uterus.

Preconception genetic testing. This type of testing can reveal whether the patient has any inheritable genetic conditions.

Hysterosalpingogram, or HSG. In some situations, the patient might require this nonsurgical test that can detect uterine abnormalities. Examples include intrauterine adhesions, endometrial polyps or uterine fibroids.

Surgical evaluation of infertility. A surgical evaluation like laparoscopy or hysteroscopy can be helpful in diagnosing conditions like endometriosis and uterine abnormalities.

Semen analysis. This test reveals information about a person’s sperm count, motility and morphology. It can also inform which fertility treatments the doctor recommends.

Following testing, a doctor reviews the results with the patient and makes recommendations for next steps.

Effective fertility treatments that can result in pregnancy

Another aspect of NIAW 2022 and understanding the importance of infertility diagnosis and treatment is exploring the treatments that can help people develop a healthy pregnancy.

IUI, or intrauterine insemination. An IUI involves the doctor transferring sperm into the patient’s uterus using a catheter. Before the IUI, the patient tracks their ovulation and comes into the clinic for this procedure when they’re ovulating.

IVF, or in vitro fertilization. This popular fertility treatment consists of the patient taking ovulation induction medications, while receiving regular monitoring at our clinic. After the eggs mature, the doctor retrieves them during a short procedure and sends them to the lab. Next, an embryologist fertilizes the eggs with sperm from the patient’s partner or sperm donor. The doctor then transfers a resulting embryo into the patient’s uterus.

Third party reproduction. If the patients are unable to use their eggs, sperm or uterus for any reason, we can connect them with egg and sperm donors and/or gestational surrogates.

NIAW 2022 is a great time to begin thinking about your fertility and if you should consider testing and fertility treatments at our Indianapolis fertility clinic. Contact us for more information about the importance of infertility diagnosis and treatment.